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Fashion Story

Fashion Story

Let’s talk Fashion today! Cool topic right? Fashion has indulged itself into our lives to such extent that it has now gone beyond glamour and has become a way of life. Talking rationally, Fashion is the reflection of the inner beauty and comfort quotient for people. We all want to look good and the world of fashion has so much to offer; thus we can adopt our own style according to comfort and the moving trend. People (usually women, no, we are not judging anyone here!) are more conscious about fashion and are seen to be constantly experimenting in terms of carrying different hair looks, styles of clothing, choice of accessories etc.

The best thing about Fashion is it is never constant! The trend keeps changing, evolving, progressing (for good or bad, both). That’s where fashion designers kick in, they very creatively merge the old styles with new trends and introduce a new fashion altogether. While it is important that people follow the new trends in order to remain fashionable; it is also important that people understand their body and comfort needs before adopting any trend, because fashion is also about carrying yourself well rather than following the trends blindly.

Now the Prediction (relax, it is a calculated guess haha). A Fashion savy always keeps up with the hottest trend, and Bamboo Made sunglasses are going to be the next big thing. Rizaries’s sunglasses are made with Bamboo wood to not only prolong product durability but to also take care of the environment by using quick re-farmable type of wood, not to mention they look freaking Cool too!

Fashionable + Environment friendly = Rizaries, this new fashionably accurate equation will help you keep up with the latest trends and style, visit our e-store to have a look at our fabulous sunglasses to top off your look. Head out in style and have the time of your lives ;)