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Indulge in Nature

Indulge in Nature

What is an inspiration? An inspiration can be anything, an inspiration can be the driving force which makes you get up from your comfy bed, an inspiration can be a historical figure whose quotes you can share on your social media or even an inspiration can be your favorite pair of jeans! You get the point right? So, if you are getting inspired, why not be inspired from something original, like, you guessed it! Nature.

Yeah, we get it! We should not exhaust our natural resources and preserve nature but what if I told you, you can look Cool while simultaneously preserving nature, YES! It is possible, with Bamboo Made sunglasses. Rizaries’s sunglasses are made with Bamboo wood to not only prolong product durability but to also take care of the environment by using quick re-farmable type of wood.

Well, the quick growing nature of the bamboo is not our only main source of inspiration but the simple yet attractive color and texture of the bamboo inspired us to up our Swag game! Isn’t it cool? Looking and feeling awesome at the same time! Nice.

Our Nature Inspired sunglasses that you all have come to know and love have that raw yet modern look with Light in weight including round, modified cat-eyes, rectangles and aviator-inspired profiles.

You know, while being inspired from nature why not celebrate everyday as ‘Earth Day’ and play your part by going as green as possible while celebrating life. No need to stress about what eyewear to you wear for your everyday adventures, our complete range of multi-colored wooden sunglasses just in case you need a little something extra to go with your eco-friendly attitude, visit our e-store to have a look at our fabulous sunglasses top off your look.  Head out in style and have the time of your lives ;).