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Polarized Glasses - How do they work?

Polarized Glasses - How do they work?

Save the world? DONE! but what about yourself?... Yeah, we get it! you care about the environment and strive to make Earth a safe and prosperous place to live for the coming generations but taking care of yourself is as important. How you ask? well, today just might be your lucky day.

Ever heard of a Polarized Glass? I bet you would have, but do you know what a Polarized glass is and what purpose it serves?. Imagine you out in the sun, having a great time with the company you enjoy so dearly, but that pesky sun keeps on irritating you, you are wearing your sunglasses but still, you see some kinda glare in your glass, the solution to this pretty common problem is a quality Polarized Glass. While the usual lenses somewhat reduce brightness of the glare, the most prominent feature of a polarized Glass is to limit the glare.

Talking scientifically:  A Glare is what we call when sun rays hits a flat surface like your sunglasses and reflects the light back into your eye. This Glare has many harmful impacts on your immediate vision; Limited color perception, reduced color depth and temporary blindness are to name a few. YES!, you can practically get blinded wearing Non-polarize sunglasses.

Pretty worried now, are you? don't be, we got your eyes 'Covered', okay, as bad as that pun might be, The Sunglasses offered by Rizaries have high quality UV400 Polarized lenses. 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB. Now you can protect yourself while looking super cool ;).

Wanna know how do these magical Polarized glasses work? We'll tell ya. Sunglasses which have Polarized Glasses contain a chemical filter that basically absorbs horizontal light waves while allowing the vertical waves to pass through. Or in other words it absorbs reflections and let direct light pass through; When this horizontal reflected light is eliminated, the polarized chemical filter eliminates any glare while preserving  the color depth and clarity of vision.

So what are you waiting for? head for the great outdoors and have the time of your lives, while taking care of your environment and yourself too :).