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Save the world with your swag on! Yeah you heard me right… but how is this possible? The frames of our shades are made of bamboo sticks, that means light in weight but extremely tough and ECO FRIENDLY at the same time.

You know what Bamboo is right?, they are such deceptive in nature. Bamboo is not actually a wood at all. It’s a GRASS. YES! you heard it right, but wait, isn't cutting down trees super unethical hence cutting down of Bamboo is unethical too?. No, there is a difference.

Bamboo is Harvested in a controlled agricultural environment so when bamboo is harvested, it grows back, just like the grass in your front yard. You don't feel unethical while cutting down grass in your front yard now do you?.

Bamboo's light weighted but durable nature makes bamboo an excellent choice of materials to use in sunglasses. Still need more reasons to convince you? okay, we got ya, at the beach you don’t have to worry about your shades to sink because bamboo shades float because of their light weight and you will be surprised to know that the tensile strength of bamboo is actually stronger than steel!


You must be thinking where is SWAG in all this saving the world thing, right?. A classy look is as mandatory as a healthy looking green Earth. Well, we don’t believe in praising our own self, so have a look by yourself…

Now that you are satisfied with the vintage look of the sunglasses, so from now on, no matter what the occasion is, rock every event by wearing our shades, with a stylish wooden look and contribute to the eco system without compromising on your swag and remember one thing that all super heroes don’t wear capes, some wear our shades.