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The Virtue of Kindness

The Virtue of Kindness

“You need any help? Can I help you with your stuff buddy? Why don’t we go together? Hey! You look pretty hangover, let me get you some coffee. Oh my God! You look ridiculous, let me give you some fashion advice.” We often hear these type of statements pretty commonly, and must have said these to our friends sometime too. The point is, at some point we all rely on some kind of help from someone and that help is the kindness which have unlimited virtues.

Kindness is what makes us human, kindness is sort of an instinctual core. Kindness is something that we usually learn by the way of seeing and practicing. We often learn such good virtues from home. Our elders or the people we look forward to are the main source of this virtue which is a vessel of overflowing love, patience, empathy, and humility. The qualities mentioned above are what makes virtue called kindness.

So next time, when you see someone in trouble, you must take this as an opportunity to serve others. An opportunity which would make this world a civilized and livable place. No, we don’t mean you should be kind to others because it is our Moral responsibility or even social duty you may, but because we want others to be as kind as we are to them. We need a similar reaction from them, don’t we? We must behave with others as we want them to behave with us.

We being a part of the responsible American society, it is our responsibility to give back to those who deserve the most, to play a part in improving not only the education quality of a deserving human but also in the long term improving their lifestyle is truly a super cool thing to do! Hence we donate 10% of the earnings will be utilized for the education and well-being (Raising Standard) of children in schools in the developing nations. #SwagOn.