SuperSoft Pedal Power Kitchen/Gym Towel



SuperSoft Pedal Power Kitchen/Gym Towel



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Super Soft Pedal Power Kitchen Towel is carefully Designed for your Kitchen. Surface is mix of Polyester & Nylon to give it Soft feel while bottom is made of silk Polyester for smooth clean. This Microfibre Kitchen is what you need after dirty cooking. Why Choose old and boring Towels when you have a choice of Super soft Microfibre kitchen Towel. They are not only soft & Comfortable for your skin while cleaning but also looks cute once you hang in your kitchen after using it. No more Hiding under the sink. 


1. Super Soft

2. Comfortable to clean

3. Environmentally friendly material and safe for all skin types.

4. A sturdy hook loop for easy hanging.

5. Hang in your kitchen after cleaning to Enhance beauty of your Kitchen

    Material: Microfiber

    Size: 32 cm x 73 cm.

    Available in Six Colors Colors

      P.S Original color may vary due to lights used in photography.

      Being a part of the responsible Global Citizen, 10% of the earnings will be utilized for the education and wellbeing (Raising Standard) of children in schools in the developing nations.

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